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TPS3 Session 699 (Deleted Portion) May 22, 1974 7/18 (39%) muscles released regaining soreness improved

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There are definite improvements in the legs themselves, as Ruburt realizes, and in the feet. Mobility in the feet is greatly improved, and the leg muscles are being released.

He should know this from the greater ease in getting in and out of his slacks, for example, and in getting up and down from chairs. The walking is easier than it was. It does not hurt as much to move, for example. Huge work is being done, involving the entire muscular system, however. And each muscle obviously affects others. This time it is not a matter of doing as well as he can with bent arms and legs, but instead the work involves the correction of those difficulties to begin with.

This means that some muscles literally are being released for the first time in years. They are initially wobbly, and in some instances sore. He realizes now that the soreness vanishes quickly, a few days after a muscle is released, and that the soreness is a sign of the muscle’s vitality, newly regained. Before, the same muscle was hard, rigid, and unyielding.

The soreness then does not last, but in your terms the muscles must then build strength, and as this happens other muscles are also being released in their own kind of orderly fashion, so that body balance is maintained. Initially this does not give a smooth picture of locomotion.

The same applies to the arms, where certain motions will seemingly be easy suddenly, while others will appear difficult. The body knows what it is doing. While certain muscles are regaining strength they are allowed to rest. Then in their own fashion they begin their natural motions.

(11:27.) Give us a moment.... It is very important, again, that he follow his inclinations—for overall, when he feels like doing nothing but relaxing, this is what body and mind both need at that point. When he feels like motion, as tonight in the parking area, that is the correct thing to do. Some muscles were released in the leg. These particular muscles, because of their relationship with others, could be used immediately without strain, and were.

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Give us a moment.... The walking will be greatly improved as his inner alterations make themselves more obviously known, and as the muscles learn to work together again in their new framework. Some still have to be released, and the arms are also important to balance. He will naturally feel like walking as the muscles themselves demand to be used when they are ready.

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