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UR1 Section 2: Session 690 March 21, 1974 3/53 (6%) teachings christ religious species jehovah

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Christ, as he is known historically, psychically represented man’s probabilities. His theories and teachings could be interpreted in many ways; they stood for kernels that man could sow as he wished. Because of Christ, there was an England — and an Industrial Revolution. The male aspects of Christ were the ones that Western civilization emphasized. Other portions of his teachings did not follow the main line of Christian thought, and were buried.

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(She said the “buried” material about Christ and mainline Christian thought had to do with occult [meaning hidden] teachings and the Essenes, who were one of the four major Jewish sects known to exist in the Holy Land early in the first century, A.D. [see chapters 21 and 22 in Seth Speaks.]

Jane added that she might have read speculative matter involving Christ, the occult, and the Essenes; and probably, we thought many “secret teachings” have been attributed to Christ.

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