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TPS3 Session 682 (Deleted Portion) February 13, 1974 2/8 (25%) relax arthritis legs benefiting muscles

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The body beliefs, continuing their materialization, kept him discouraged, and promoted dire images of the future and so forth, that were quite in line with the beliefs involved. So again: he does not have arthritis. The muscles should be encouraged to relax. He has added a suggestion to that effect that is a good one.

The yoga exercises encourage the muscles to stretch as well as relax, and so far his choice of exercises is good. Again, he is to walk some each day. With snow, the parking lot is sufficient. The legs are benefiting, and will continue to improve. The upper portions have been compensating as the body is in the process of changing its alignment. As the muscles continue to relax, the arms and shoulders will also free themselves. Later I will add to the suggestions given. There is nothing that cannot be remedied. Again, it is function. I bid you a fond good evening; and feel free with your pictures or whatever else you have for me.

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