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NoPR Chapter 21: Session 674, July 2, 1973 6/73 (8%) christ affirmation love gospels matthew

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Christ uses parables that were applicable then (as described in all four of the Gospels). He used priests as symbols of authority (Matthew 21:23–27). He turned water into wine (John 2:1–11), yet many who consider themselves quite holy ignore Christ at the wedding feast and think any alcoholic beverage degrading.

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There are indeed lost gospels, written by men in other countries in that time, relating to Christ’s unknown life, to episodes not given in the Bible. These formed a quite separate framework of knowledge that could be accepted by people who had different beliefs than the Jews at that time. The messages were given in other terms, but again they reflected the affirmation of the self and its continued existence after physical death. Love was always stressed.

(11:52.) One of the Gospels is counterfeit — that is, it was written after the others, and the events twisted to make it appear that some of them happened in a completely different context than they did. Regardless, Christ’s message was one of affirmation.

(Jane, in trance, paused as I looked up questioningly. “I was going to ask which Gospel is counterfeit, because we’re sure to get letters about that.”)

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(After the session Jane tried a brief experiment. I explained the little I knew about the Gospels to her, and suggested that she attempt to psychically determine whether the “counterfeit” Gospel was that according to Matthew or Luke. In a moment, without trying too hard, Jane said it was Matthew’s. She didn’t know why she came up with that answer and she didn’t try to find out more — nor, she said, did her statement necessarily constitute a reply from or through Seth. It’s generally thought that the Gospel according to Mark was written first.

(All dates given are approximate: Many Biblical scholars think the Gospels were composed between A.D. 60 to 100, well after the death of Christ in A.D. 29 or 30. Various recent claims and assorted kinds of evidence have tended to push the writing of Mark’s Gospel [which Seth asserts is genuine] back to as early as A.D. 35 — much closer, of course, to the time when Christ lived.)

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