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TES2 Session 66 June 29, 1964 5/92 (5%) construction glass continuums overlapping perspectives

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Earlier he could not afford to. Now, however, he must learn to use and understand these abilities. No plane remains the same; nothing remains the same. Even the requirements and necessities and properties of a universe change. The ideas change first. The conception behind constructions change. The perspectives change. What is perceived changes, as what is created changes.

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If five people stand observing that glass, or rather if five people seem to be observing that glass, you have five different glasses, not one. Each person constructs that glass in terms of his own personal perspective.

Therefore, given the five people, there are five different perspectives and space continuums in which a glass exists. Each of the five people is aware of only one space continuum, his own, in which his physical construction exists. However each of the five people has constructed a glass. In fact you have five physical glasses.

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There is a point where five perspectives overlap. If you could find this one focal point, you could glimpse, and barely glimpse, the other four, using deduction from the point of overlapping.

If ten people seemingly observe this glass, you have ten personal perspectives that actually exist, ten space continuums, and ten actual glasses. Each individual is completely unaware of the other perspectives. It is as if they did not exist. Mathematically this can be worked out. The space continuums are created by each individual, in which he forms his own physical constructions.

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