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TES2 Session 66 June 29, 1964 3/92 (3%) construction glass continuums overlapping perspectives

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Therefore, given the five people, there are five different perspectives and space continuums in which a glass exists. Each of the five people is aware of only one space continuum, his own, in which his physical construction exists. However each of the five people has constructed a glass. In fact you have five physical glasses.

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If ten people seemingly observe this glass, you have ten personal perspectives that actually exist, ten space continuums, and ten actual glasses. Each individual is completely unaware of the other perspectives. It is as if they did not exist. Mathematically this can be worked out. The space continuums are created by each individual, in which he forms his own physical constructions.

Now understanding this, you should be able to see how other planes, other reality continuums, can exist simultaneously with your own, and be unperceived consciously. This point of over lapse, or overlap, this point of overlap is extremely important, for there are points of overlapping in all universes; and this will also be a be a basic factor in travel, although not in any future in the physical universe in which you will be involved.

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