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TES2 Session 66 June 29, 1964 25/92 (27%) construction glass continuums overlapping perspectives

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The keystone here is that you are only aware of your own constructions. This is most important. You truly construct your own environment, and it in turn then has its influence upon you. When I speak of environment I include for simplicity’s sake that which is close to the self in its nebulous form, but which is still called notself.

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Earlier he could not afford to. Now, however, he must learn to use and understand these abilities. No plane remains the same; nothing remains the same. Even the requirements and necessities and properties of a universe change. The ideas change first. The conception behind constructions change. The perspectives change. What is perceived changes, as what is created changes.

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There are laws on your plane that govern the construction of matter, but these laws are psychic laws having to do with the ability of the individual in projection of idea into matter, the ability to receive and transmit energy, and with abilities having to do with the actual construction itself.

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There is therefore a strong thread of continuity-purpose in all his constructions. An individual’s physical constructions therefore are projected by him onto and into material, in answer to inner psychological purpose.

Put on a grander scale, he certainly does mold history, in terms of continuity on your plane. It is important that you consider the nature and construction of matter in terms of this inner, individual psychological purpose, for this is after all the heart of the matter.

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There can be no division here, even in our discussion, for simplicity’s sake; for such division would lead you far astray. You can see this more easily perhaps in terms of, say, gallstones or kidney stones, which are adverse constructions, projected by the individual because of psychological imbalance; that is, a confusion of inner purpose.

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I mentioned at one time the unfortunate occurrence of your dog’s illness. The dog, of course, created and maintained his own physical construction, but you saw only your own construction of him.

Through his inner senses however, he sensed your energetic support. We will go into the psychic cooperation and the overlapping which exists between all consciousnesses, to maintain the appearance and construction of matter.

The dog, for reasons that I will go into later, did not have your capacity for drawing upon energy. He could not project his own construction after a certain point without help from your psychic stores. This is not unusual, and all consciousnesses exchange energy back and forth; and a great cooperation exists here, of which we have hardly spoken.

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I have mentioned that each physical construction is composed of atoms and molecules, which also possess a generalized consciousness and capsule comprehension. They lack strong organizational tendencies in themselves, and it is the individual’s energy which aids in this formation.

A weak ability to draw upon energy will yield poor constructions. The pulsations inherent in the atoms and molecules of the constructions are, of course, picked up by others. The shoddy construction, never perceived at all by the outer senses, is registered by the inner senses.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Beside the obvious constructions that you perceive as matter, you also form or project constructions of a different sort, which you do not perceive on a conscious level.

These constructions exist definitely in terms of atomic structure, but of such different densities and speeds that you are unaware of them though they are perceived by the inner senses, and utilized by the subconscious and inner self as a very important reality.

(“Will we ever be able to detect such constructions by instruments?”)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Ideas represent this sort of construction, and can actually be handed down generation through generation, given a strong enough send-off by any given individual. I mentioned to you that there is a plane given to the dream world, and this plane also represents actual constructions with which your conscious mind is not usually familiar.

These are not vague, formless half-realities. Their existence is as real as your own, but simply on a different level. For various reasons all of your ideas are obviously not constructed onto the physical plane. Many of these reasons are psychological. Some of these reasons have to do with matters which we have not yet discussed.

It is true that generally your energy is focused into physical construction and manipulation. Not all of it is so used. However, all ideas and all energy is constructed in one way or another. Those ideas which are impractical to construct physically, either for psychological or psychic reasons, are channeled into construction on other planes or levels.

This merely means that the characteristics of their reality differs from the reality of physical construction. There is always an inner comprehension of such constructions, but the conscious mind has its purpose of dealing with the world of physical construction, is itself a physical construction, and unaware of other realities.

We should most probably here substitute brain for mind, since I believe that is the terminology upon which I decided to settle. Using again the arbitrary divisions, brain for the physical construction, and mind as the intangible, then to set the record straight brain would not sense the inner planes, while mind would deal with them.

These other constructions are extremely important to the entity, and are also constructed for psychological purpose; and once constructed work out their own fate.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

There is a constant interchange between the realities, such as your world of physical construction and the worlds of construction which you do not consciously perceive.

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If five people stand observing that glass, or rather if five people seem to be observing that glass, you have five different glasses, not one. Each person constructs that glass in terms of his own personal perspective.

Therefore, given the five people, there are five different perspectives and space continuums in which a glass exists. Each of the five people is aware of only one space continuum, his own, in which his physical construction exists. However each of the five people has constructed a glass. In fact you have five physical glasses.

Each physical glass is constructed of quite real molecules and atoms, which have their own generalized consciousness and capsule comprehension, and which form together in the gestalt called a glass.

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If ten people seemingly observe this glass, you have ten personal perspectives that actually exist, ten space continuums, and ten actual glasses. Each individual is completely unaware of the other perspectives. It is as if they did not exist. Mathematically this can be worked out. The space continuums are created by each individual, in which he forms his own physical constructions.

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