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NoPR Chapter 12: Session 649, March 19, 1973 3/26 (12%) races judgments moral prevailing wealth

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You may believe that wealth is a result of a moral virtue, and comes from “God’s” direct benevolence. As a result, poverty becomes evidence of a lack of morality. “God” made so many people poor that obviously no man should dare try to change the situation — that rationale is often used. The poor, then, following these beliefs, are looked down upon as are the diseased.

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Some of you will have a contradictory belief that poverty is virtuous, and that wealth is a vice and represents evidence of a spiritual lack. (See the 614th session in Chapter Two.) This belief in your society also harks back to the Bible and Christ’s association with the poor rather than the rich.

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It is impossible to separate your daily experience in any of its aspects from your beliefs and those judgments that you place upon them. The beliefs boil down to your ideas of right and wrong, and they involve all of your attitudes concerning illness and health, wealth and poverty, the relationships of the races, religious conflicts, and more important, your intimate day-by-day psychological reality.

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NoPR Chapter 13: Session 649, March 19, 1973 2/18 (11%) grace heading disintegration poverty vigor

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Chapter Thirteen. I want this done in a certain way — the heading, “A State of Grace,” written thusly (with horizontal gestures), then a line drawn down … and under it, “Health” … and under that, “Wealth” …

A State of Grace Out of Grace   | |   Health Disease   Wealth Poverty   White Black   Christian Not Christian

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