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NoPR Chapter 11: Session 645, March 5, 1973 5/50 (10%) core bridge beliefs susy invisible

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If you think of these as planets, then your other ideas orbit about them. There may be some “invisible beliefs,” and there may be one or two invisible core beliefs. These, following the analogy, would be hidden behind the other brighter, more obvious “planets,” and yet would show their presence through their effects upon your relationships with all of the other visible core beliefs in your “planetary system.”

Questions you cannot seem to answer as you study your own ideas, for example, may lead you to suspect the existence of such invisible core beliefs. Let me emphasize that they are consciously available. You can find them through the approaches mentioned earlier (in the last session), working from your feelings or by beginning with the beliefs that become most readily available.

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It is impossible to tell you of the emotional reality of such an experience. You will have to discover it for yourself. Such bridge beliefs often allow you to perceive the “invisible” beliefs mentioned this evening, and these can then appear to you as a revelation. On second thought, however, you will realize that another belief blocked that one from your view, but that you were always aware of it; and that in a strange way it was also invisible because you took it for granted. You did not consider it a belief about reality but as reality itself, and never questioned it.

Andrea never doubted the “fact” that life was more difficult for a woman than for a man. (See the 643rd session.) When she examined her beliefs this escaped her. The invisible belief, however, affected her behavior and experience. Now she understands it and can deal with it as belief, and not as a condition of reality over which she has no control.

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His core belief in himself as a writer, he saw, was really highly constrictive. He had not realized that before. At the same time he had consciously known it, but allowed it to remain invisible. He realized that the writing and psychic aspects each did want to write, and this was the bridge belief.

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