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NoPR Chapter 11: Session 645, March 5, 1973 11/50 (22%) core bridge beliefs susy invisible

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Dictation: As you examine the contents of your conscious mind, it may seem to you that you hold so many different beliefs at different times that you cannot correlate them. They will, however, form into clear patterns. You will find a grouping of core beliefs about which the others gather.

If you think of these as planets, then your other ideas orbit about them. There may be some “invisible beliefs,” and there may be one or two invisible core beliefs. These, following the analogy, would be hidden behind the other brighter, more obvious “planets,” and yet would show their presence through their effects upon your relationships with all of the other visible core beliefs in your “planetary system.”

Questions you cannot seem to answer as you study your own ideas, for example, may lead you to suspect the existence of such invisible core beliefs. Let me emphasize that they are consciously available. You can find them through the approaches mentioned earlier (in the last session), working from your feelings or by beginning with the beliefs that become most readily available.

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(Pause.) At such times there can also be strong emotional content, as of finally triumphing over psychological chaos, or even of rising from the dead. You can suggest to yourself the emergence of such bridge beliefs. The conscious idea itself represents a statement of intent. Various core beliefs, not well assimilated, will give you conflicting self-images. Now there is a difference between freely experimenting with and enjoying various styles of dress, attitudes and behavior — and finding yourself “lost” in a compulsion to change your appearance, attitude and behavior. The latter usually involves contrary core beliefs that are alternately pulling you one way and then the other.

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(Pause.) Ruburt is determined, persistent, stubborn, with great energy; creative, intuitive, and endowed with excellent flexibility of consciousness. He built his life around the core belief in himself as a writer.

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In the same way, if your core belief stresses your spirituality to such an extent that it cuts off needed sensual expression, then it has become restrictive and will end up strangling, even, that spiritual experience that it was originally meant to express.

As he worked with his beliefs, Ruburt found himself in a position where he came face to face with two conflicting core beliefs. His “writing self” followed one belief, in which writing certain material was permissible and good. He had schooled himself to refute any opposing impulses, and built his life along those lines from a young age.

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The same kind of dilemma can arise in any reader’s experience whenever two strongly conflicting core beliefs meet. Ruburt also believed in his psychic work, you see, and was fully committed to it. He developed some physical symptoms, and following through with his beliefs he is working them out on his own. He saw for himself how they perfectly mirrored his inner image of himself.

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His core belief in himself as a writer, he saw, was really highly constrictive. He had not realized that before. At the same time he had consciously known it, but allowed it to remain invisible. He realized that the writing and psychic aspects each did want to write, and this was the bridge belief.

Using it, he is only now in the process of assimilating the newly available energy. He understands that he is the self who holds all of those beliefs, and does not identify so completely with the one core belief any longer. That association was what had prevented its natural motion and expansion earlier.

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The same artificial need to vindicate being is present in many of my readers, and various core beliefs may be built up to hide this inner insecurity. You may “justify your life” by biological creativity, and then latch onto your children and never want to let them go. You may use your career instead. But in all cases you must come to grips with such unnecessary ideas, face the reality of your creaturehood, and see that you certainly have as much of a place in the universe as a squirrel, an ant or a leaf. You do not question their right to exist. Why question your own?

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