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NoPR Chapter 11: Session 645, March 5, 1973 29/50 (58%) core bridge beliefs susy invisible

(9:50.) This subject leads to what I will call bridge beliefs, and again Ruburt received some information on this topic ahead of time for his own benefit. (See the notes prefacing the last session.) As you examine your ideas you will discover that even some apparently contradictory ones have similarities, and these resemblances may be used to bridge the gaps between beliefs — even those that seem to be the most diverse. Because you are the individual who holds the beliefs you will stamp them, so to speak, with certain characteristics that you will recognize. These aspects will themselves emerge as bridge beliefs. [...] When you discover what they are, you will find a point of unity within yourself from which you can with some detachment, view your other systems of belief.

[...] Such bridge beliefs often allow you to perceive the “invisible” beliefs mentioned this evening, and these can then appear to you as a revelation. On second thought, however, you will realize that another belief blocked that one from your view, but that you were always aware of it; and that in a strange way it was also invisible because you took it for granted. You did not consider it a belief about reality but as reality itself, and never questioned it.

[...] There may be some “invisible beliefs,” and there may be one or two invisible core beliefs. These, following the analogy, would be hidden behind the other brighter, more obvious “planets,” and yet would show their presence through their effects upon your relationships with all of the other visible core beliefs in your “planetary system.”

[...] (See the 643rd session.) When she examined her beliefs this escaped her. The invisible belief, however, affected her behavior and experience. Now she understands it and can deal with it as belief, and not as a condition of reality over which she has no control.

[...] You can suggest to yourself the emergence of such bridge beliefs. [...] Various core beliefs, not well assimilated, will give you conflicting self-images. [...] The latter usually involves contrary core beliefs that are alternately pulling you one way and then the other.

As he worked with his beliefs, Ruburt found himself in a position where he came face to face with two conflicting core beliefs. His “writing self” followed one belief, in which writing certain material was permissible and good. [...]

(11:12.) I gave him helpful information, but this could only be used by him as he felt it for himself and traveled through his own system of beliefs. When you understand the nature of reality and your part in forming it, then you can no longer look to others to solve your problems for you, and you realize that your own beliefs are the rich creative elements that you yourself must mix and match. If you think that certain foods will help you, then they will be effective in that system — because of your beliefs. [...]

Dictation: As you examine the contents of your conscious mind, it may seem to you that you hold so many different beliefs at different times that you cannot correlate them. [...] You will find a grouping of core beliefs about which the others gather.

Questions you cannot seem to answer as you study your own ideas, for example, may lead you to suspect the existence of such invisible core beliefs. [...] You can find them through the approaches mentioned earlier (in the last session), working from your feelings or by beginning with the beliefs that become most readily available.

(Long pause.) The emotions connected with these bridge beliefs may indeed surprise you, but standing upon such unifying structures you are also free to let the emotional flow sweep past, feeling it, but aware for the first time, perhaps, of the origin of those feelings in your beliefs, and no longer afraid of being swept away by them.

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