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NoPR Chapter 11: Session 644, February 28, 1973 emotions thoughts revengeful examine organs

(10:12.) As with Andrea (see the last session), you must accept the validity of your feelings while realizing that they are about certain issues or conditions, and are not necessarily factual statements of your reality. “I feel that I am a poor mother,” or, “I feel that I am a failure.” These are emotional statements and should be accepted as such. You are to understand, however, that while the feelings have their own integrity as emotions, they may not be statements of fact. You might be an excellent mother while feeling that you are very inadequate. You may be most successful in reaching your goals while still thinking yourself a failure.

(Shortly before the session Jane told me that she felt Seth around, as usual. But then she added, “I feel a source of energy just above my head — not a cone, nothing that definite, just that it’s there outside my body. I feel a sort of free slide or glide that isn’t ordinary, like I’ve had perhaps three glasses of wine … I think I know what Seth’s going to talk about. My hands feel light, too, real smooth, as though they’re swirling through silky water. Not that I’m out-of-body, but …”

The “negative” subjective and objective events that you meet are meant to make you examine the contents of your own conscious mind. In their way the hateful or revengeful thoughts are natural therapeutic devices, for if you follow them, accepting them with their own validity as feelings, they will automatically lead you beyond themselves; they will change into other feelings, carrying you from hatred into what may seem to be the quicksands of fear — which is always behind hatred.


TPS2 Session 644 (Deleted Portion) February 28, 1973 bailey breakthrough pillows aggressively kicking

[...] He must feel free to let himself go free of limiting concepts, but he must see, the self that he is now, that certain ideas that he considered important and basic collected limitations about them. He must work through the feelings and beliefs and today was an important breakthrough.

[...] Ruburt should continue expressing his aggressive feelings—kicking as well as with the pillows and badminton. [...]