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TES2 Session 64 June 24, 1964 4/87 (5%) bug construction hose cat snake

[... 57 paragraphs ...]

Slip-ups can occur along any of the above mentioned lines. A thick black rubber hose in a backyard after dark for a moment actually becomes, or could become, to a timid soul a particularly vicious, ridiculously long and fat black snake.

This is not a case of a hose looking like a snake. This is a failure of a different sort, according to whether or not the constructor of the hose is present or still constructing his object. There is something here that I will explain. I have briefly mentioned before, I believe, what I will term an afterimage. When you cease active construction of an object, the pattern begins to fade but remains inactive.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Going upon the little information at hand, given the darkness, fears come to the foreground. The individual actually constructs a snake, but a faulty impossible one, from the weak hose pattern. The snake, for reasons that we will discuss later, under these conditions could not exist in your universe.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 10:46. Jane was dissociated as usual. Once again she said her back felt fine during delivery of the material. She felt while delivering that Seth thought he had gone too far in giving us the hose-snake material at this point, since it raised too many questions he didn’t want to go into yet.

[... 23 paragraphs ...]

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