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TES2 Session 64 June 24, 1964 10/87 (11%) bug construction hose cat snake

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(By 8:55 Jane was a little nervous, though not as much as in the past. She had no idea of Seth’s subject matter for the evening. As session time arrived our cat Willy also became quite active. Many insects had accumulated on the screens of our living room windows, and a few had gotten inside the room. Willy rushed several of them, even climbing up the screens at times.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

I know your cat meant no harm, and would regret depriving him of his playmate, except that when it is possible it is not only wise but advantageous to help any living creature, regardless of its stature in your scheme of things.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

You see your cat suffers no ill effects from such play, although on another value level it would be termed destructive. On your level there must be a commitment in even the smallest such issues. Value fulfillment is not measured according to size, and in such cases it is the value fulfillment, not of the captive so much as the potential savior.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

We will take your cat and his bug. Your cat created the bug that he saw. The bug that he saw was a different construction from the bug that was seen by either of you, and all three constructions were different from the bug’s physical construction of himself. These bug constructions, by various means which we shall discuss, tallied in your camouflage space to an amazingly approximate degree.

However, they were not by any means identical, either in space, time, or physical bulk. Quite literally the cat’s bug was larger and heavier in bulk, existed longer in his—that is the cat’s—time, and also took up more space.

Your bug, Joseph, differed in actual physical construction also from Ruburt’s. It was better detailed and more precisely drawn, smaller in size from either Ruburt’s or the cat’s, existed less in your camouflage time, and took up a measurably less amount of your space.

Your cat is also different, a completely different construction, for each of you. It is easier, perhaps, to understand if we first consider the difference between the bug’s construction of the cat, and the cat’s construction of the bug, before we go on.

In comparison with a human’s construction of your cat, for example, the bug creates a limited one, but one that is nevertheless efficient and valid for his own purposes. To your way of thinking, the bug does not construct a whole cat.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

The bug’s cat construction is a huge and terrifying animal-mountain sort of construction. However, the construction is endowed with what we may call physical properties of which you are unaware.

This is difficult to explain. A psychic coordination, a sensitive apathy, received by the bug as to the nature of the cat, creates about the bug’s construction of the cat b-a-n-d-s in infrared, solid to both the cat and the bug. The bug then sees a gigantic but blurred, incomplete so to speak, cat image, which is surrounded by infrared solidity, which is significant to the bug in terms quite incomprehensible to you.

[... 58 paragraphs ...]

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