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NoPR Chapter 5: Session 626, November 8, 1972 2/44 (5%) involuntary brain bach deride conscious

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(Yesterday Jane and I read the Time magazine cover story for November 13, 1972, featuring Richard Bach and his book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We were very pleased for Dick. The article also included information about the Seth material. See the 618th session in Chapter Three for an account of Seth’s meeting with Dick and the latter’s editor, Eleanor Friede.

(It isn’t necessary to go into dates and other details here; but several days before we were told that the Bach story’s originally scheduled appearance in late October had been postponed, Jane had a vivid dream giving her that literal information. She wrote Dick about it and told others. Her dream was also fairly accurate concerning the magazine’s cover painting for the piece: a montage featuring “a bird that was somehow a part of a man’s head, or face,” as she described it. Actually Time’s design showed a seagull superimposed over Dick Bach’s head, partially obliterating it.

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