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NoPR Chapter 2: Session 616, September 20, 1972 4/35 (11%) willy examine psychoanalysis contents channel

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(While we had a quick snack I asked her if she thought the recent strange behavior of our cat, Willy, could stem from his reactions to our own psychic states. We’d seen this happen before, although not recently. Early this month Willy had picked up a case of fleas that was stubbornly resisting treatment. He’d taken to staying outside all night as well as most of the day. He was also losing weight. Our other cat, Rooney, had always seemed to be immune to us in such matters, and even now was conducting himself in his usual leisurely fashion.

(Willy was outside now, in a light rain that had begun a couple of hours ago. At supper time he’d actually seemed to feel that the inside of the house was forbidden territory, and had refused to come in. Now I went down the back stairs and called for him as I circled the house. No Willy. I met Jane in the front hall. Here the music was even louder, thundering out from the first floor apartment.

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(I asked that Seth comment upon Willy’s behavior, if he cared to, after dictation. Then Jane said, “I knew I was feeling funny tonight. Now l get it. It’s like I’ve got three channels from Seth going at once …

(“I’ve even got directions.” She pointed off to her upper right as she sat in her rocker. “Seth comes through on his book from here, on this channel.” Next she indicated her lower right. “Then over here, immediately available, is Seth on you and me and Willy. And also on the portrait you asked me about the other day — the one you just finished.

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NoPR Chapter 3: Session 616, September 20, 1972 6/58 (10%) protoplasm amoeba cat willy conscious

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(11:37. Again Jane had really been under. She didn’t remember the material, and was amazed that an hour had passed. I told her I’d taken the break because I was still worried about Willy.

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Now: Give us a moment, for Willy.

In an odd way, he is himself somewhat frightened of his behavior. Ruburt has decided to leave the house more often, and be free to go outside whenever he* wishes — not to spend so much time inside because of his work. Now he has sent Willy out as a testing device, and the cat does not know exactly what has happened.

Willy likes to go out, but he is not used to being out all of the time. To an extent he feels banished. He simply picked up Ruburt’s feelings, now, which are strong, and Ruburt’s growing vehemence of intent. In a way these were not directed at the cat, yet Ruburt also knew the cat would pick them up.

Willy was always the house cat, you see, and Jane stayed in the house all day, writing. So it is the house cat who changes habits, rather than Rooney (our other cat).

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Your Willy is in no danger, but show him your love, and regulate his ingoing and outgoing. Not that Ruburt need regulate his, but that his distraction or impatience causes the cat to overreact.

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