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TPS2 Session 608 Deleted. Seth’s Preface: “The Manufacture Of Personal Reality” April 5, 1972 4/37 (11%) correlating core oversoul teaches separating

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The subject of matter then becomes one of correlating inner data with outward experience and appearance. The inner core of the self has no difficulty in uniting and correlating the outward experience of its many personalities, but the subject of reincarnation cannot be understood without a knowledge of the nature of matter.

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(9:50.) Now. If all of those functions must be beneath present consciousness, you can see that no single ego-consciousness could easily grapple with several environments, times, or life experiences. Instead this is carried on by the core (spelled) inner self.

As the personal subconscious that you know maintains your familiar physical image, so does the core inner self beneath give this personal subconscious the power and ability. It does the same with other portions of the self that look out toward other times and places.

If you identify yourself with this inner core identity, then you realize that you (underlined) form other physical images of yourself beside tile image that you know.

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