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TPS2 Session 608 Deleted. Seth’s Preface: “The Manufacture Of Personal Reality” April 5, 1972 9/37 (24%) correlating core oversoul teaches separating

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(Before the session tonight Jane told me she thought Seth was getting ready to start another book of his own soon. Not tonight, she said, but before long. She had mentioned the same thing on Wednesday, March 29, when we sat for a session. No session developed at that sitting, however—in itself this is quite an unusual occurrence. She has no idea of subject matter, title, etc., for any projected book by Seth. It can be said that such an undertaking wasn’t expected by us at this time, seeing as how we have just finished proofreading the galleys for Seth’s first book last month.

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Most probably this time we will work in concentrated periods that can be broken by rests when you prefer it, or circumstances seem to call for it. Now in the meantime there are a few points I would like to make that have not been given in this particular manner; connections that are important, between the nature of matter, your perception of it, and reincarnational existence.

As you know, the mind forms matter. The physical brain only perceives the appearance of matter in one of its many manifestations. There are many gradations of matter, therefore, as I have told you.

Now: the inner self is the primary personal creator and perceiver, the seat of identity, a consciousness then with many faces. Each portion of the inner self creates its own reality, and perceives the structure of matter to which it is attuned.

It creates then the times, the events, and the places. These exist all at once, but the perceiving mechanisms are tuned in to one characteristic channel, so to speak. While you are creating the physical reality and time that you know, other portions of the self are therefore creating their own times and places. All of this must be understood along with the nature of physical matter to begin with. Otherwise it is impossible to understand how for example, an 18th-century town, a 20th-century town, and an ancient village can all exist not merely at once, but also on occasion in the same (in quotes) “location.”

The subject of matter then becomes one of correlating inner data with outward experience and appearance. The inner core of the self has no difficulty in uniting and correlating the outward experience of its many personalities, but the subject of reincarnation cannot be understood without a knowledge of the nature of matter.

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It would be impossible to proceed physically if the other simultaneous events had to be handled by one ego. These (in quotes) “divisions” of the self simply enable it to multiply its experience. Think of the subconscious now merely as an academic psychologist might; as that inner portion of the self who is concerned with physical survival. Bodily mechanisms, who holds memories too numerous for the conscious mind to follow.

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The idea of a time sequence (pause), is a psychological method of separating such experience for practical purposes at a given level of development. The idea of time sequence is intimately connected, again, with the structure of physical matter as you perceive it, a way of separating and correlating experience so that it can be physically processed and correlated.

(Pause at 10:00.) The brain, as opposed to the mind, needs this correlation. In the framework of three-dimensional reality in which reincarnation exists, the structure of the body itself requires (in quotes) “time” lapses. Messages do not leap instantaneously through the nervous system. The mind exists independently of the brain, but with connections to it. It can perceive without time lapses. The physical body exists within an electromagnetic order.

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