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TPS2 Session 604 January 12, 1972 6/85 (7%) carving sumerian sumarians baalbek ruins

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(Jane and I hadn’t believed there was any connection between Jane’s Sumarian development, and Sumer, since the Sumari, as explained in recent sessions, had never been physical in our terms. Tonight’s session went into this, to our surprise.

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The Sumarians (spelled) left the memory of their existence in the Sumerian culture (spelled. This is the connection Jane and I hadn’t believed existed.) They initiated it, though they did not direct all of its activities, nor were they responsible for the distortions of their teachings that often resulted. There is a difference then between Sumarian and the culture in the books. Your Sumarian were behind the culture—they initiated that particular civilization.

I will be clear. Your Sumarian showed earth people at that time how to communicate, how to initiate crafts, gave them all the fundamentals upon which a civilization then could be based. The Sumarians, your Sumarians however, were not of human stock at that time.

Now. Your Sumarians have become human stock in those terms at other times. It is not a point of them trying to invade a native stock; they simply understood the nature of individual existences, therefore they are able to choose from various physical systems those in which they would like to have experience.

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The Sumarians—your Sumerians (spelled)—did this when they initiated the culture spoken about in your books. Their sense of time is completely different, as however your own is innately. It is difficult to explain this, but keeping in touch with a civilization for several thousand years of your earth time, would entail perhaps the same amount of time and effort a man might take in his profession over a period of five to ten years, so the relativity of time is important in that context.

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(10:01. Jane’s pace had been good, her trance good also. I had trouble in some instances deciding in the copy which spelling to use—Sumerian or Sumarian; in some instances my quick decisions were in error, I came to believe as I typed up this copy, so as can be seen I made changes. Jane read them over, and agrees that this copy is now as Seth meant it to be.

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