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SS Chapter 21: Session 588, August 2, 1971 5/48 (10%) paul christ a.d righteousness baptist

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(Readers of The Seth Material had asked Seth to elaborate upon data of the three Christs given in Chapter Eighteen, “The God Concept,” of that book. Some wanted to know if one of the three Christs could have been the Teacher of Righteousness; this personage was the leader of the Zealot sect in Judaea early in the first century A.D. There were four known Jewish sects flourishing there at the birth of Christianity.

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The Lord of Righteousness, so called, was such a person, but his over-zealous nature held him back.

(In the literature I’ve been reading on the subject, the Zealot leader was always called the Teacher of Righteousness. The interpretation of scanty records, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, has given rise to debate, but it appears he was either Menahem ben Judah, who was killed in A.D. 66 in Jerusalem, or a nephew, who survived and succeeded him.)

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(“As a matter of curiosity: can you say how the Teacher of Righteousness met his end?” This is one of the questions correspondents have asked.)

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The final place of refuge was near Damascus. For some time the Lord of Righteousness tried to hide himself within the city. His identity was discovered, however, and he and a band of men took to caves that were between Damascus and another nearby town, much smaller, that had been used at one time as a fortress. They were heading there.

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SS Chapter 22: Session 588, August 2, 1971 1/75 (1%) bells pope rome donkeys stall

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I learned about the Lord of Righteousness from a cousin of his named Sheraba —

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