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SS Chapter 21: Session 588, August 2, 1971 11/48 (23%) paul christ a.d righteousness baptist

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(In the 586th session, earlier in this chapter, Seth stated that by the year 2075 the third Christ — Paul or Saul — would have enacted the Second Coming, exerting of course a profound effect upon religion and world history. Jane thought a period of less than a century was much too short a time to encompass so many dramatic changes. She wanted me to ask Seth if she had distorted this data while delivering it.

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(My questions concerned relationships between the three personalities of the Christ entity: John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Paul. What sort of psychic interactions had taken place between them in any strong or exceptional way? Were their dreams and other psychic experiences — other than the recorded instances — outstanding on a regular basis as they lived out their lives day by day?

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(John the Baptist was born between 8 and 4 B.C., and died in A.D. 26 to 27. Jesus Christ was born between 8 and 5 B.C., and died in A.D. 29 to 30. Paul [Saul] of Tarsus was born between A.D. 5 and 15 and died in A.D. 67 to 68.

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(It isn’t known for sure that Christ and Paul ever met. Paul was converted several years after Christ’s death; before that he had been a zealous persecutor of Christians. Nor does it appear that John and Paul met.

(According to history, all three members of the Christ entity met violent ends. Christ was crucified near Jerusalem at the order of Pontius Pilate; Herod had John beheaded; and Paul was beheaded near Rome during the reign of Nero.

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His rigidity prevented the spontaneity necessary for any true great religious release. He fell, instead, into the trap of provincialism. Had he performed the role possible, he could have been of benefit to Paul. He was a probable personality of the Paul portion of the Christ entity.

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In their dreams they were in contact. Consciously Paul remembered many of these dreams, until he felt pursued by Christ. It was because of a series of recurring dreams that Paul persecuted the Christians. He felt that Christ was a kind of devil who pursued him in his sleep.

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John the Baptist, Christ, and Paul were all connected in the dream state, and John was well aware of Christ’s existence before Christ was born.

Paul needed the strongest egotistical strength because of his particular duties. He was far less aware consciously of his role for this reason. The inner knowledge, of course, exploded in the physical conversion experience.

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One small note for those interested. The Zealots, the sect, were also divided into two main groups, one splitting finally from the other main one. Other documents will be found that will clear several important matters concerning the historical times. (Pause.) During one short period of his life, Paul joined a Zealot group. This is unknown. It has not been recorded.

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(Of course, we hadn’t known just how Seth was going to present his material in the chapter on religion on the third Christ and related data. Both of us were surprised to hear him declare a connection between Paul and the Zealots. Many questions automatically came to our minds; but we had to stop somewhere, so we reluctantly decided not to ask them.

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