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SS Appendix: Session 558, November 5, 1970 3/25 (12%) baal ron ethics bael worship

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You carried with you in your heads messages and laws that had been given to one of your kind in a time that was already nearly forgotten. These were codes of ethics. They originated from the time of Atlantis. Before that, these codes were given by a race from another star. This race had to do with the origin of Atlantis. The messages were put into words and language and written down at the time of Atlantis, but after that they were handed down by word of mouth.

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You traveled through Asia Minor in a time of great turmoil, and wherever you went you spoke — which means you gave utterance to the ethics. It took you twelve years of training to memorize this code of ethics.

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(The Essenes were one of the four known Jewish sects active in the Holy Land at the time of Christ. They were a peaceful, contemplative group. They aren’t mentioned in the Bible. If Seth means that the Essenes were promulgating the Speakers’ codes of ethics in, say, the first century A.D., then this of course is a time many centuries later than Ron’s life in 1200 B.C.

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