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SS Appendix: Session 558, November 5, 1970 2/25 (8%) baal ron ethics bael worship

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There was a major distortion having to do with B-A-E-L (spelled). A group gathered together with Bael as their idea of God. You (Ron) were with the other group. There was a city in a jungle — M-E-S-S-I-N-I (spelled) as nearly as I can translate it. In Asia Minor, and fragments of a past civilization were then there. A new city was built which in its turn also disappeared. There were writings on rocks, however, as the old messages were once again put into written symbols. But your people were gone, and you are only now finding them again.

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(Seth-Jane spelled the god’s name Bael. Most sources spell it Baal, possibly pronounced as Bael. The Akkadian form, Bel, was used in ancient Mesopotamia. Baal — lord — was the name or title of a number of local deities of ancient Semitic peoples. Baal worship appeared in Syria and Israel many centuries before the birth of Christ — as early as 1400 B.C., according to Syrian cuneiform texts. This date is very interesting, in light of the 1200 B.C. Seth mentions for Ron, and the conflict within his group over Baal. Baal was most often a god of fertility, its image of stone probably a phallic one. According to orthodox Israelite belief, Baal or nature worship was idolatrous, a denial of any moral values.

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