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TES9 Session 496 August 18, 1969 4/78 (5%) foss gallery reverend crosson fox

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(I told Jane however that we should get some material on a matter broached to her by letter last week by Reverend Crosson, re a speaking engagement in New York City later this year. The gallery data could be continued later.

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(Whether or not we visit Reverend Crosson this summer at his camp in the Berkshires, in Massachusetts; and whether later in the year Jane speaks in New York City at a meeting of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, with Reverend Crosson.)

There will be no complications resulting from such a meeting of an adverse nature, if you feared this. Some good contacts would be made. They will be made in any case. Ruburt should not plan to do trance work. (As suggested by Reverend C., on stage.) His main energies remain with the material. He is an excellent teacher however, and a good speaker.

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(Seth refers to Betty Taylor, one of the editors at Harper’s. She told Reverend C. that she would call Jane this week, but as of August 20, Wednesday, has not done so.

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