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TES9 Session 496 August 18, 1969 10/78 (13%) foss gallery reverend crosson fox

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In the area of 6th Avenue and 61st Street, Carter (spelled). You had better include N A N. (Pause.) Now I do not know if this is Nan Carter, but I do know the two are connected. And with a group show of some note in 1935, in which I believe this person participated, who now owns, or runs, or is connected with this gallery in this neighborhood.

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(Before the session I had asked Jane if Seth could give me some more data on the art and gallery material begun in the last session. I was going to try to put it to practical use, I told Jane not to try too hard, though, to get more data. She said that the impetus would be strong to help me on these subjects. I was a little surprised to hear Seth start right in on the gallery data.)

The man has been himself an artist, therefore. He may be the uncle of the man who runs the gallery, per se, but he has a strong voice in the gallery. At one time connected with the school of ashcan art. Do you follow me?

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Many galleries therefore do not carry objective work because the defects are so clearly seen. They take instead planned distortions, which can cover up such inadequacies, or frankly abstract works.

So at first this gallery will seem to you unsuitable. If I had not told you this you would pass it by, thinking they wanted only abstracts, or your, is it—pop art?

(“Yes.” This material refers to some remarks I had made earlier, about trying to list galleries in New York City that I thought might be interested in my type of art, judging from their advertisements.)

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I do not mean that you will have this in mind particularly, but that you will be looking at fruit in a new way, and from different viewpoints. When you do this, this gallery will be interested.

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Jerry A. Fox. The gallery is commercial. From the outside it does not look like a gallery, but is well-enough known. It has foreign outlets as well.

There is something elevated here. Now I do not know. This could refer to lofts. It is more fashionable than the other gallery, or more “in.” It deals in larger works than you are now producing, as a rule.

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(I told Jane however that we should get some material on a matter broached to her by letter last week by Reverend Crosson, re a speaking engagement in New York City later this year. The gallery data could be continued later.

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