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TES9 Session 481 May 12, 1969 1/65 (2%) 1969 construction destruction 494 april

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If the exercise is done correctly it is literally impossible for the old idea to obtain any energy for its continuance and your attention is directed to the desired end. The object should be something you can visualize easily however. If you have difficulty imagining the deliberate destruction of the negative object, this is merely a sign of its hold. You may then instead imagine its destruction by an act of nature. The house being struck by lightning for example. If this is the case then the exercise should be continued until you imagine you yourself deciding upon and bringing about the destruction and replacement. If you are not ready to burn down the structure itself, imaginatively, then you are not prepared to rid yourself of the negative behavior, you see. The symbolic destruction is the real destruction. The symbolic creation is the real creation. Such exercises will cut down the physical time involved however.

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