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TES9 Session 481 May 12, 1969 7/65 (11%) 1969 construction destruction 494 april

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Now. The original intensity behind the construction determines the length of its existence, in your terms, rather than the duration. Do you follow me?

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Left alone, any such construction will eventually vanish. It will however leave a trace. This does not necessarily mean it will leave a trace in your consciousness. A trace in electromagnetic reality, where it can then be activated by anyone when certain conditions are met, or are favorable.

Denying energy to such a construction can be like pricking a balloon. It can instantly disintegrate, be deflated. The prick however is comparable to a conscious and subconscious denial of the construction’s validity. Then all attention must be taken from it, for it thrives on attention.

To replace it with a new construction, it is a good idea to suggest that the old construction has indeed vanished, and in its place a new more acceptable one is being built. Now symbolism may be used here. The following mental exercise is most effective. It may be varied according to your interest.

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Imagine the summer winds that blow over the land that now fills the interior of the house with scented air. Let the first house represent all negative ideas or constructions, and the new house represent the desired ideas or constructions. Have it firmly in your mind however as to what ideas these refer, specifically.

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The amount of conscious thought given to any construction obviously reinforces it. Ruburt became a writer because he thought of being a writer constantly. He became ill, generally speaking, for the same reason.

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The energy from any construction can be weakened if it is countered by another strong energy force. The desire to work well, enthusiastically and emotionally held, can offset bad health for example. You do not need the direct opposite. Do you follow me?

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