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TPS1 Session 479 (Deleted) April 30, 1969 5/70 (7%) parking halliday landlord bully sell

[... 47 paragraphs ...]

Imagine vividly an empty space on the wall in place of any painting now hanging there that you wish to sell. Imagine yourself wondering what to put there now that the painting has sold. See yourself discussing this with Ruburt.

Now. Imagine someone asking you if you have sold any paintings lately. See and hear yourself telling them (long pause) that you are selling more paintings than you ever believed possible. See an envelope marked with painting money and see it stuffed full of painting money that you have received from your paintings. Imagine how you will spend it.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Be careful of the suggestion “I will sell all the paintings that I want to sell,” for you are setting up conditions and limitations. Either say “I will sell all my paintings,” or “I will sell these paintings,” referring to specificness. Do you understand the difference?

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(“Yes.... Why haven’t I put the ad in the paper about selling my paintings?”)

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

There is some connection here that you can easily dislodge, having to do with your father’s reluctance to sell his photographs, his attitude, and his reaction to clients when they entered the house. You have remarked that your mother did his selling for him, or he would not have done it.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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