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TPS1 Session 479 (Deleted) April 30, 1969 3/70 (4%) parking halliday landlord bully sell

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Give us a moment. A period of time where the issue is uncertain on both the part of your present landlord and your prospective buyer.* (Florence Halliday, who was once an ESP student of Jane’s.)* This, again because of the psychic conditions involved, is highly plastic. The woman wants the house badly. She is stronger because of this desire at this time.

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(This statement of Seth’s has been more than vindicated. First a mutual friend of Jane’s and F. Halliday explained what was intended by the parking lot. This on Thursday, May 1. F. Halliday could not believe the parking lot idea, saying she had been told a “circular driveway” was all that had been planned, curving around the doctor’s house next door, and not disturbing much property. She had no idea that much of the yard on the side of the house, from the street to the far back fence, had been earmarked by our landlord for sale to Dr Levine for a parking lot.

(On Sunday, May 4, Jane spoke to F. Halliday by telephone, and was so informed by the prospective landlady herself. She is to see her lawyer, “to see what can be done, if anything,” etc.)

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