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TPS1 Session 477 (Deleted) April 21, 1969 4/48 (8%) annoyance abundance irritation reacting neighbor

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On your part also then there was a reluctance to react to annoyance in a normal natural manner, and this is why the situation built up. By not reacting you gave your neighbor the license to further activity. By reacting normally you would indeed teach her respect for the regards of others, and she would have felt your reaction quite justified.

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Always ask yourself “Am I reacting to this present event only, as I should, or am I reacting to this event and five others in the past to which I did not react?” Soon you will find yourself with responses in proportion to present events, and will be free from old habits.

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For a while then you must closely watch your reactions by making sure that you are only reacting to a present episode. Soon automatically the system becomes adjusted to normal action, and the process becomes automatic again. It is also important to react when you feel an annoyance, rather than postpone action, whenever this is possible. Your system is cleared. When you are beginning to learn you may find yourself overreacting initially, simply because of the accumulated, unrecognized charge of past repression.

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Your neighbor has no real conscious knowledge of the nature of your emotional reaction. You projected negative attitudes upon her because you had not reacted adequately in the past. She would feel hit by a sledge hammer if you followed through on your plan. (Pause.) She is looking for direction.

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