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TPS1 Session 477 (Deleted) April 21, 1969 4/48 (8%) annoyance abundance irritation reacting neighbor

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Now as to your noise episode, here are some suggestions for future use in any episode where irritation is involved. Followed, these suggestions will help you answer the demands put upon you when you feel the need for certain responses. When you are annoyed, if possible state your annoyance to the person involved, reasonably, (underlined) but at the time of the annoyance. When you do not respond in this manner the annoyance builds up and you are then tempted to respond to one incident as if many were involved, because the others were not responded to adequately at the time.

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Your irritation would have been understandable and in proper proportion to the annoyance. When you do not behave in such a manner, bitterness piles up, and generally speaking you are not helping the other person involved. You may end up doing them harm through repressed reactions that suddenly explode.

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One note. It is extremely important that your dissatisfaction be expressed to your neighbor, and by you. Ruburt may join in, but it is important that you personally express this irritation, and feel its release for yourself in so doing.

Whenever possible such reactions should always be expressed directly by the person involved to the person who causes the irritation, regardless of whatever steps may be taken. The self feels cheated otherwise to some extent. Also with such expression there is a direct involvement with the offender, and such involvement can lead to greater understanding on both parts that otherwise might not result. The interaction is important to both parties. Do you follow me?

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