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TPS1 Session 477 (Deleted) April 21, 1969 3/48 (6%) annoyance abundance irritation reacting neighbor

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Give us a moment. For you again now the word should be abundance. I would like you when you have time to meditate on the various kinds of abundance that you do presently enjoy. In terms of air, water, how freely these are available to you, sunlight, even the abundance for example of emotional energy present in your friend who just left here, for he makes it available to you also, and gives of it freely.

Think of abundance in terms of ideas also. In terms of color. I want you to feel easy with the word, and whenever you feel a sense of limitation of any kind, (underlined), then try to get the feeling (underlined) of abundance instead. Ruburt can also follow this advice. It will serve him well.

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You understand the abundance of energy possessed by your young neighbor. You simply do not want it expended at your expense. She does not know where to draw the line for her own good. She will be quite satisfied if someone she respects helps her draw a line of adequate behavior. She expected this from both of you for some time.

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