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TPS1 Session 476 (Deleted) April 16, 1969 4/61 (7%) negative abundance positive spool prayer

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Do not overemphasize however in intellectual terms, but use imagination and feeling. An overemphasis implies a fear, and will impede results. Intensive concentration along these lines should be followed by several days when you simply do your prayer experiments and then let the whole thing drop from your mind, and give the creative inner self an opportunity to work for you. This will insure success and you will not be overhammering the point. Do you follow me?

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(9:46. Jane’s trance had been good, her pace fast. Before the session I had asked that Seth give Jane a prayer that she could use for herself; I would say from the above that he responded in excellent fashion, as usual.

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That is why I told you that the word abundance was such a good one. Give us a moment. (Pause.) In your prayer episodes deal with Ruburt’s health, and do not divide your efforts. Generally speaking however see a free, abundant flow of energy between you and your environment. I will need to give you more specific directions however, and for these I will wait until your next session.

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The healing exercises will automatically increase spiritual abundance. When you feel you are ready, then the two daily prayer periods should be retained with a change of focus, that will take care of other issues. You need not concentrate them upon one issue or another. I will give you suggestions to use, and affirmations that will show results in all aspects, financial and otherwise. The change in your attitude will automatically begin to bring results in any case, and in all areas. Now does that answer your question?

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