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TPS1 Session 476 (Deleted) April 16, 1969 7/61 (11%) negative abundance positive spool prayer

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Remember that your present reality is the result of years of positive and negative thought patterns. It is good that you have begun to recognize some of your own negative attitudes, for it is highly important that you do so.

Realize that each time you replace a negative thought or feeling by a positive one, this is like making a correction in a painting. Soon you will be able to do this automatically, but in the beginning conscious effort is needed.

If Ruburt has the full plan for a book in his head, then this is real. It may take him a while to put it on paper. It may take him a while to receive the money when it is sold, but all of this is dependent upon the first and basic reality—the idea for the book. Therefore know that your positive ideas of health and abundance are the basic realities, the most important.

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You must be systematic until your reactions become fairly automatic. You must therefore replace negative patterns with positive ones. As you know, the negative patterns bring results. Now give us a moment.

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Your creative energies have always been highly beneficial and positive, and worked for you in ways you may not have known. Their energy has attracted other people to you both, and with all of your negative attitudes the overall impression others received from you, generally speaking, was of creativity.

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Concentrate on the health issue in your exercises for now. Let your thoughts flow naturally during the day. They will of their own accord touch upon various issues such as work, finances and so forth. When they do then correct any negative thoughts with positive ones.

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In the normal course of a day your thoughts dwell to some degree on the issues that you have mentioned, and about which you are concerned. Now in the past such thoughts were often highly negative, and they have resulted in negative conditions. No special efforts are required, save that such thoughts are now made positive.

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