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TPS1 Session 475 (Deleted) April 14, 1969 9/83 (11%) abundance galleries limit imagine negative

[... 27 paragraphs ...]

Your thoughts and feelings instantly reach out and form the objects that surround you. Calling upon this inner power, for it is power, will bring about the fulfillment of many other abilities and strengths that are within you. Do not limit it therefore. Do not insist for example that money come to you only through painting or writing, or that this power show itself only in health; and remember always you own relationship with others, so that the energy that flows through you and is used by you to your benefit, is also free to flow through you to others.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

The idea of financial abundance and of an abundance of the good things in life will not limit you, nor limit the means possible by which they will come to you. In your imagination therefore do not limit the means. See yourself enjoying the abundance.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

Using such abilities to obtain money only can be highly disadvantageous however in the long run, particularly if there is no thought given to the help of others. This is why you have miserable rich men. You can also have happy poor men. It is (underlined) possible, but in these cases limitations are put by the individual, closing off other channels, and this in unnatural.

Unless you place limitations these released powers will operate in all channels of your reality. (Humorously.) I did not realize that I had to speak to you in such simple terms. Now you may take your break. This is a read-along session...

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

Now, think of it as already accomplished, in the same way that you see the image of a painting before you paint it. Otherwise you are adding time limitations needlessly.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

Again, do not limit. Ruburt should not forget the idea of some money from his painting, or you from writing. This does not mean any change of careers, it simply means that you should keep yourselves open. Otherwise you are saying that money and abundance come in this corner of my yard. And no other. Do you see?

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You did not want to give of yourself to the world because you felt that this was a natural reaction, picked up from your father. You would paint, but not share. When you realize that health and abundance are natural, and illness and limitation unnatural, then you are free, free to develop, to use what you have, to give and take.

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

And with your paintings, imagine the result, not the means. Your feelings with the accomplished facts. You are making a living as an artist at last, your triumph. How you spend your time, the galleries that want your work; and divest yourself of negative ideas regarding galleries. Do not limit yourself. Take that sentence to heart. Do not close doors.

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Ruburt should definitely send some poetry manuscripts out, and work at his poetry. If he does not, then how can he complain that he has not written much lately? Galleries are a way of selling paintings. If you automatically view them negatively you are setting limitations. Let all doors be open.

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