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TPS1 Session 475 (Deleted) April 14, 1969 12/83 (14%) abundance galleries limit imagine negative

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

Remember that all of your behavior was not negative however, and give thanks for those abilities and accomplishments that are your own. Now, imagine (underlined) how you will feel when your paintings sell, the joy that they will bring others, the joy that you will feel knowing they are wanted. Imagine what you will do as you sell so many paintings that you need more time to produce them, and how you will then leave your job in order to paint, and the sort of place you will live, and the feeling of contentment and creative challenge that will fill you.

But do not imagine this in future terms, but in present terms. In other words, it is already accomplished, and it will then be fulfilled in physical reality. Do not then look anxiously (underlined) about for buyers, to check whether or not this is working.

Your own intuitions may suggest acts for you to take that will be beneficial. Be alert to the inner voice, so that if this is the case you will hear. Consider all of your contacts as possibilities, all of which may unfold, but do this imaginatively rather than willfully.

[... 10 paragraphs ...]

Now. Imagine your paintings in homes, in different environments, with people enjoying them. Imagine what you will do with the money. Settle upon a reasonable amount and expect it, knowing it is just. Do not think in a negative manner “This is good work. I won’t let it go unless I get a good price. People owe it to me. Why should I let it go otherwise?”

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

The idea of financial abundance and of an abundance of the good things in life will not limit you, nor limit the means possible by which they will come to you. In your imagination therefore do not limit the means. See yourself enjoying the abundance.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

He did indeed fear destruction so that he saw it everywhere, and therefore in himself. Nevertheless his creative functions continued. In one frown of yours he saw ten, and imagined all kinds of dire thoughts were going on within your head. A myriad of negative thoughts paraded and were exaggerated.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

Imagine your surprise, delight and gratitude, as if the events had already occurred. This is not lying to yourself. It is instead forming the framework of your physical reality. Imagine it also in the future, and it will be in the future.

Imagine your reactions as if the events were already accomplished physical facts. Embellish them as much as possible. Then forget them. The feeling of expectancy is all important, that in the end all good can come today.

[... 25 paragraphs ...]

In his imagination, let Ruburt feel the sense of joy and release he would feel if he had run down the back stairs easily and joyfully. He need not see himself do so, but feel his emotions as if this had already happened not once but many times.

He need not concentrate upon images. Now he has been imagining himself happy in and out of the windows to clean them, and had some trouble with the images. Have him instead simply imagine his joy and freedom with the performance completed, and forget the means.

He is sitting inside looking out at the clean windows he has just washed from the outside. Have him imagine his feelings with the full realization that his entire strength and flexibility have returned. What will he say and what will he do—his joy and release, and forget the how.

And with your paintings, imagine the result, not the means. Your feelings with the accomplished facts. You are making a living as an artist at last, your triumph. How you spend your time, the galleries that want your work; and divest yourself of negative ideas regarding galleries. Do not limit yourself. Take that sentence to heart. Do not close doors.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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