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TPS1 Session 475 (Deleted) April 14, 1969 3/83 (4%) abundance galleries limit imagine negative

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And with your paintings, imagine the result, not the means. Your feelings with the accomplished facts. You are making a living as an artist at last, your triumph. How you spend your time, the galleries that want your work; and divest yourself of negative ideas regarding galleries. Do not limit yourself. Take that sentence to heart. Do not close doors.

Do not, from your experience with one gallery, project a negative attitude toward all galleries, any more than Ruburt should do this with publishers. This is highly important and represents a block in your progress.

Ruburt should definitely send some poetry manuscripts out, and work at his poetry. If he does not, then how can he complain that he has not written much lately? Galleries are a way of selling paintings. If you automatically view them negatively you are setting limitations. Let all doors be open.

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