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TPS1 Session 475 (Deleted) April 14, 1969 11/83 (13%) abundance galleries limit imagine negative

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Think instead, “This is a natural talent I have, and it is natural that it appeals to others, and as I have an abundance of talent, so shall it bring me abundance. It will help others, and it is natural that it help me.”

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The idea of financial abundance and of an abundance of the good things in life will not limit you, nor limit the means possible by which they will come to you. In your imagination therefore do not limit the means. See yourself enjoying the abundance.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

I knew you would learn. Now. It is basic patterns of thought that help you or impede you, psychological colorations of thought that form the general overall pattern of your physical reality. One thought alone seems to matter little, and yet it is part of a characteristic pattern of inner behavior, and as such has its place either in bringing you freedom and abundance, or in denying you freedom and abundance.

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He still believed in the fantastic ability of destruction, and he tried to cover it up. He did not believe that strongly in the creative function of his own being, and in the natural abundance of life itself. He was more pessimistic than you realized. A sick kitten was a dead kitten, not one who might recover.

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Form your new reality with as much trust and love and confidence, creativity and joy, as you do a painting, or Ruburt a poem. You have denied your powers. No one has closed you off. You had closed yourselves off. On the other hand, once you realize this there is no failure. You have your own abilities to work with however. This does not mean that Ruburt should expect to go off and make great money as a musician. But expect abundance and the release of all your abilities.

Again, do not limit. Ruburt should not forget the idea of some money from his painting, or you from writing. This does not mean any change of careers, it simply means that you should keep yourselves open. Otherwise you are saying that money and abundance come in this corner of my yard. And no other. Do you see?

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However Ruburt can be of great help to you as far as thoughts of abundance are concerned. With a few changes in his attitude, which I will try to bring out in our sessions, he can help bring about a definite change for the better in that regard.

There he can (underlined) be very free. Abundance is a good word to use, for it signifies a free and easy access to all pleasurable things, including creativity, mobility, both mental and physical, and easiness in flow (underlined) of any kind.

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The book you are reading is excellent for your purposes. Ruburt should watch feelings of restriction when he does your grocery shopping. This is negative. There is a difference between gluttony and abundance. Now you may take your break.

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You did not want to give of yourself to the world because you felt that this was a natural reaction, picked up from your father. You would paint, but not share. When you realize that health and abundance are natural, and illness and limitation unnatural, then you are free, free to develop, to use what you have, to give and take.

[... 13 paragraphs ...]

Now because of your latent (underlined) interest in the medical profession, you have sold to hospitals in the past, commercially and you have sold paintings to dentists. There is a connection here. Accept abundance in whatever way it comes, and underline that entire sentence. Let this abundance express itself creatively in your work, and it will automatically bring financial abundance. For you particularly, use this word.

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