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TPS1 Session 474 April 9, 1969 3/37 (8%) hopelessness initiative afraid pushed move

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When you do move you have a tendency to feel that Ruburt should pay for the inconvenience. Here you associate him with your mother, and Ruburt feels this unfair. Except for our sessions there has been little freshness in your environments because you would find it, both of you now, threatening. In other words you have preferred to place the problem, both of you again, upon Ruburt in physical terms, rather than face the inner issues with initiative and daring.

You, Joseph, have been afraid of daring in that respect, and so have closed your mind to solutions that are possible. Ruburt’s own affiliation and identification with a place has allowed him to burrow in here and thus go hand in hand with your fear, your own fear, of initiative movement.

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Ruburt was terrified because his early efforts seemed to have left you nowhere. You seemed to have no initiative to make a physical move on your own, and he was afraid of making another false suggestion. You simply became afraid to act in the physical universe. For a while you adopted the symptoms of immobility then Ruburt accepted them.

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