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TPS1 Session 474 April 9, 1969 6/37 (16%) hopelessness initiative afraid pushed move

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An inability to face or admit, or solve, physical problems, can also be reflected in the physical condition, and reactivate earlier sensitivities, leading to a sense of hopelessness. Then you come to an impasse where there is no motion of a positive nature, either in the physical realm, or the mental or spiritual one.

The very attempt to solve the physical problems brings out inner abilities. The very attempt to solve the physical problems often solves the inner problems that are being projected upon the physical reality. You cannot stay within a physical condition you consider hopeless and not change it, and expect any kind of creativity or help. You must either accept the situation wholeheartedly, or reject it.

When you can into longer accept it then you must change it. Otherwise the feeling of hopelessness builds up. Ruburt has been afraid, because of his background, to accept the negative aspects of your exterior circumstances. He loves you so deeply that he never wants to admit that you are hurt, bitter or sad. He has always thought that you were used, mainly by your mother, but he was afraid that his statements would be misinterpreted because of his own relationship with his parents.

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However Ruburt has also picked up your feeling of hopelessness. Both of you have refused to come to grips with it and have been afraid of making any physical moves, or upsetting the apple cart. Ruburt is only too aware of the fact that he pushed to leave Sayre, and that your circumstances afterward in Florida were negative. He felt you blamed him for this, and thought it was an undisciplined action on his part, forcing you to make changes you did not want to make.

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The thought of the Seth sale revived you. Then the old ideas of hopelessness settled back in, particularly when Ruburt discovered the taxes. You have both been resentful against your landlord, and particularly against Leonard Yaudes, and he had something to do with Ruburt’s latest (underlined) symptoms.

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I am not speaking of the physical challenges of other jobs. You misinterpret me. I am telling you that when your entire physical circumstances appear hopeless to you, then you must change them, or honestly admit that these are the circumstances within which you must work, and not fool yourself. And when you do not feel that the physical circumstances are worthwhile, that you are not getting enough out of them, that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, then you must change them. Here again attitude is all important.

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