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TES9 Session 456 January 8, 1969 3/65 (5%) potato approaches technique exercise plunge

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The idea, again, art as a spontaneous play of the godlike self. Do not dictate to it. It knows more than you about the game. Now either of these techniques will serve you very well and refresh your creative energies. They are equally valid, and equally geared though in different ways, to your peculiar dilemma. Do not mix the approaches however. Plunge into one or the other wholeheartedly, and underline wholeheartedly fifty times.

If you choose the first approach, then you must plunge wholeheartedly into the person you are using as model, and immerse yourself in his reality, and from this let the painting flow.

[... 23 paragraphs ...]

My heartiest wishes to you both. You have been given advice geared to you and to your needs. If you follow it you will be amazed at the difference in your attitude and in your work. It must not be a willy-nilly trial, a one-or-two day affair, but a wholehearted plunge into whatever approach you choose, and you should also follow the suggestions given later concerning time and your attitude. This is your artistic prescription, and half doses will not do a full job.

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