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TES9 Session 456 January 8, 1969 5/65 (8%) potato approaches technique exercise plunge

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I will then give Ruburt some suggestions as to normal living habits that if followed will enable him to stay in good health. One of these will be a mental exercise, taking no more than ten minutes, and if done properly, only three times a week, will be of great benefit in keeping joints and muscles loose and free. (Pause.) I should perhaps give you that exercise now.

When resting, and in a tranquil state of mind, he should simply imagine the limbs slowly stretching out, becoming somewhat longer, and then slowly returning to their original length. He should then imagine the neck revolving easily and normally three times in each direction; mentally here doing the yoga neck exercise that he recalls.

The lengthening exercise to be emphasized with the arms particularly. The toes and fingers should be visualized as lengthening also, easily and slowly, and then returning to normal position. The joints should be imagined as moving easily. At the same time, he should dwell on the idea of flexibility and freedom, mental, spiritual, psychic and physical flexibility. That is the end of the exercise.

It will do good also if during the day occasionally he imagines the exercise as he goes about his chores, but he should not do this willfully, with an intent to command physical performance. The whole thing should be done with a mental lightness, more as if it were a children’s game, and he must remember this for it is the whole point of the procedure.

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(9:38. Jane left trance quickly. Her pace had been good, eyes open often. She said she could see how to do the exercises while Seth was describing them.

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