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TES9 Session 453 December 4, 1968 3/34 (9%) void stars planets inhabitants lingered

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You are seeing shadows upon a blank and a black screen. The three-dimensional system is like a shadow of realities that you do not perceive. Now. *(Pause.) *The heavy hydrogen molecules had a large part to play in the birth of that system. Consciousness had first to create the void, or the dimension in which the system could exist, and also to endow that void with all the probabilities for development that have come about in your time, and are to come about.

The void, in other terms, can therefore be compared to a mind, and who can predict what images or thoughts will be given birth there? There are as I have told you, many, indeed countless such systems, and yet within them all there is identity, and there is direction.

This vast void, this infinite mind, came out of another that was greater than itself. (Pause, smile.) The possibilities that have come to reality within this universal system have each given birth to other systems and other realities, as one tree bears a thousand seeds. (Pause.) You yourselves through your own mental actions create realities of which you yourselves are unaware, and you give birth to more than physical children.

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