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TES9 Session 453 December 4, 1968 2/34 (6%) void stars planets inhabitants lingered

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You do not understand the dimensions into which your thoughts drop, for they continue their own existence, and others look up to them and view them like stars. Now I am telling you that your own dreams and thoughts and mental actions appear to the inhabitants of other systems like the stars and planets within your own; and those inhabitants do not perceive what lies within and behind the stars in their own heavens.

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In this abundance nothing is meaningless nor wasted. There is interrelationship, intertwining realities, and connections that cannot be denied. I told you that dream reality consisted of more than you knew, and that the dream universe continued whether or not you perceived it. Within that context those inhabitants dream in turn their own dreams and form electromagnetic realities. You are not at the top nor at the bottom of the heap of consciousness, so to speak. You are not at the center. You are not at the rim.

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