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TES9 Session 436 September 16, 1968 4/51 (8%) callista buff accident nina eve

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At one time he did correctly perceive an accident having to do with that Nina’s mother, and recorded it. (Perhaps two years ago.) Hence the name, popping up the other evening. It served as a transition: an accident in which Mark, Bill Macdonnel, was involved, though I do not believe he directly participated. I am not sure, for he was not driving.

(Mark is Seth’s entity name for Bill Macdonnel.) A child was present, hence the Nina connection again. Eve represented the nighttime as well as a name, and this led to a future possibility, a minor accident involving Mr. Mossman’s Eve.

Two accidents were involved then, hence the confusion. The bridge for these was an accident in the past involving Nina’s mother. This served as a connection to Bill Macdonnel. The affair in which Bill is involved has already taken place also, the night of Ruburt’s experience. (Which would be September 11.

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The Nina incident was a springboard. I do not believe Bill Macdonnel was injured, but he was either responsible for the accident or it was his car and the woman with whom he is involved. Now a child connected here also, whether with Bill Macdonnel or Tam Mossman I am not sure.

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