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TES9 Session 436 September 16, 1968 10/51 (20%) callista buff accident nina eve

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(The call was from Callista Buffalin, a widow now in her late twenties, who had lived in our apartment house until about two years ago. Callista’s husband Buff was killed in a car accident in southern Pennsylvania a few months ago; Jane had a vivid dream giving many details of this event the evening before it happened, although we hadn’t seen the Buffalins for some time previously. We haven’t seen Callista since Buff’s death.

(Callista called Jane to tell her about several psychic experiences of her own, both before and after Buff’s death. One of these involved Callista knowing that her marriage to Buff would be short, and his death. As Jane offered Callista reassurances on the phone, she got the impression that Callista would remarry.

(After hanging up, Jane said Callista also mentioned her young son James. In telling me this Jane said Callista had foreseen events concerning James’s death. This was a slip on Jane’s part, for Callista had actually said James’s future.

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(Jane’s trance had been deep but she came out fairly easily. She at once said she had the strong impulse to call Callista Buffalin back. She hesitated because she wasn’t sure about the data’s accuracy, but also because she didn’t want to unduly upset Callista by talking about her recently deceased husband, etc.

(Jane did call Callista back, however, and checked out the data with her item by item. Callista decided to visit Jane later in the week, when a more thorough check of the material could be undertaken. But in the meantime there follows a summary of C B’s comments re the data via the telephone.

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(The innocuous message concerning butter was “extremely meaningful” to Callista. Without going into personal details, she felt this was excellent data.

(This evening, while this session was being held, Callista was in the cellar of her home, reading or looking through books she took from a stack of same. They were old books, she said, illustrated, and some of them bore her initials and those of husband Buff.

(The books were covered, and when she was through looking through them Callista covered them up again; so, Jane felt, it seemed they had been undisturbed. This took place just before C B’s call to Jane at 9:26. The act of covering may refer to the “scrap of evidence” impression, but we personally discount it.

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(Callista could not offer any connections however with N A R and the package in any way.

*(*The Fountainhead is a book, as Seth surmised. Callista has read it, but doesn’t know whether Buff ever did or not.

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