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TES9 Session 436 September 16, 1968 10/51 (20%) callista buff accident nina eve

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This was hardly the main reason for symptoms, but the habit caused annoying symptoms at times. The experience was a split one, involving an accident in the past and one in the future, that were fused in his perception. Now give us a moment here. (Pause.)

At one time he did correctly perceive an accident having to do with that Nina’s mother, and recorded it. (Perhaps two years ago.) Hence the name, popping up the other evening. It served as a transition: an accident in which Mark, Bill Macdonnel, was involved, though I do not believe he directly participated. I am not sure, for he was not driving.

(Mark is Seth’s entity name for Bill Macdonnel.) A child was present, hence the Nina connection again. Eve represented the nighttime as well as a name, and this led to a future possibility, a minor accident involving Mr. Mossman’s Eve.

Two accidents were involved then, hence the confusion. The bridge for these was an accident in the past involving Nina’s mother. This served as a connection to Bill Macdonnel. The affair in which Bill is involved has already taken place also, the night of Ruburt’s experience. (Which would be September 11.

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(The call was from Callista Buffalin, a widow now in her late twenties, who had lived in our apartment house until about two years ago. Callista’s husband Buff was killed in a car accident in southern Pennsylvania a few months ago; Jane had a vivid dream giving many details of this event the evening before it happened, although we hadn’t seen the Buffalins for some time previously. We haven’t seen Callista since Buff’s death.

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The one accident, in answer to your question, occurred the evening of Ruburt’s experience, and it is the one that involved your friend Bill Macdonnel.

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Another accident, a probability, is a future one, involving Tam Mossman’s Eve. Because of the similarity of names Ruburt fused the two accidents into one in his perceptive experience.

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The Nina incident was a springboard. I do not believe Bill Macdonnel was injured, but he was either responsible for the accident or it was his car and the woman with whom he is involved. Now a child connected here also, whether with Bill Macdonnel or Tam Mossman I am not sure.

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The accident involving Tam’s Eve would take place, if it does, on a day with a five in it. The 5th, 15th, or 25th. It would be a minor accident, but in the Bill Macdonnel accident someone, not Bill, was severely injured.

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The danger then lies with association with the woman, on Eve’s part. The accident, again, would be comparatively minor unless the older woman’s inner existence drastically changes for the worse. (Long pause.) If Eve does not drive with her she will not be involved.

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