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TES9 Session 429 August 14, 1968 4/43 (9%) entity sepia intensities boundaries analogy

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Now. As I have told you, there is duration of a kind. What would correspond, in any case, to your idea of duration within the spacious present; it is a matter of intensities however. Now the entity is in itself composed of such intensities. Simply for the sake of analogy, imagine the image, a humanoid one, of an entity giant-sized, spread out anywhere in your physical universe. And if the image were projected against a midnight sky, within its apparent boundaries then you would see a multitude of planets and stars. Let these represent moment points. On one hand they are a part of the entity, as your cells are a portion of your body. On the other hand the entity’s consciousness can travel through these. They are doorways within his own psychological makeup, into experiences.

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Any personality may become an entity on its own. This involves a highly developed knowledge of the use of energy and its intensities. As atoms have a mobility, so do psychological structures in their own way. They move through the value climate of psychological reality as freely as atoms move through your time.

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Now. What I am trying to tell you is that a thought or a feeling, with all its varieties of intensities, is more like time, like the true nature of time, than all of your minutes or hours.

A thought can be intense, then partially fade and grow intense again. (Pause.) Its own nature regulates its intensity, rather than any rules inherent in the nature of intensity itself. Some of these concepts are difficult to explain to you. In your terms it would be as if you experienced a future event, then a distant past event, then a moment from the present. You would not understand what was going on, nor see the inner logic within.

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