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TES8 Session 404 April 8, 1968 7/129 (5%) plenty exercises financial dwindling maltz

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Now your financial situation will not change no matter how you push yourself, unless you apply such simple exercises. You do not do this naturally, which is why they are required. You must indeed think consciously in terms of plenty rather than of want. On several occasions Ruburt has followed these and your wants have been fulfilled.

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The origin is not in others. For fifteen minutes a day agree to suspend critical judgment, and following the Maltz method imagine yourself vividly in the position you would like to be. The rest of the time consciously make an effort to control your attitude when you find yourself thinking in terms of want or poverty. Then switch your thoughts to ideas of plenty. This need not involve hypocrisy, indeed must not. You must feel that this is legitimate and practical, because the thoughts of plenty will automatically begin to attract plenty. This is sufficient. There should not be an overemphasis (underlined) on material possessions or security however.

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You felt alone because you felt you were worrying alone. Ruburt has for at least two years been actively concerned, very actively. He has attempted however to give the impression of not worrying, and to constructively think in terms of plenty.

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The fact remains that you have in the recent past not attempted to project thoughts of plenty, and Ruburt has.

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Thoughts of plenty will bring you plenty in material and financial terms, and in other terms. Thoughts of want will produce want. I have not made these rules. When you think in terms of want, and then see physical materializations of want, you are tempted to think that your fears were justified, and therefore those thoughts are reinforced. But the thoughts caused the want, and I am simply trying to help you stop that cycle. Now, if you and Ruburt could agree on the sort of home you would like, and if you dreamed of it and thought about it specifically, you would have it.

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You must allow yourself to think naturally, and thoughts of plenty will follow. You should not ideally have to do any exercises. They are to counter the negative exercises that you are doing.

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This is to some extent of the same nature. That feeling of abundance and trust will in itself bring you plenty and abundance. It will attract intuitive ideas on your part, and intuitive actions on the part of others. Indeed Ruburt read an article this afternoon on brain waves, but I tell you that you send out messages of abundance or want.

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