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TES8 Session 404 April 8, 1968 4/129 (3%) plenty exercises financial dwindling maltz

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Now. I recommended Maltz because his exercises are based on truths, even though he does not fully understand what lies beneath. Do you want me to tell you how to better your financial circumstances, or do you want to learn the hard way?

(“No. Tell me.” See Psycho-Cybernetics*, by Maxwell Maltz.)*

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The origin is not in others. For fifteen minutes a day agree to suspend critical judgment, and following the Maltz method imagine yourself vividly in the position you would like to be. The rest of the time consciously make an effort to control your attitude when you find yourself thinking in terms of want or poverty. Then switch your thoughts to ideas of plenty. This need not involve hypocrisy, indeed must not. You must feel that this is legitimate and practical, because the thoughts of plenty will automatically begin to attract plenty. This is sufficient. There should not be an overemphasis (underlined) on material possessions or security however.

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Settle on a reasonable amount (underlined). See them in your mind as your balance, and following Maltz you will then feel those emotions suitably connected with the desired amount. This is what you have not accepted.

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